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Victoria Beckham

Out Of Your Mind -14/08/00

"Out Of Your Mind" was Victoria's first solo single, released on 14th August 2000, and was a very big hit. Teaming up with the Truesteppers and Dane Bowers, Victoria proved that she had talent, and could cut it as a solo artist. The single was destined to be #1, up until the Saturday sales it was on top of the chart, but on Sunday - somehow, the arch rival Spiller's "Groovejet" outsold "Out Of Your Mind" by 20,000 copies. "Out Of Your Mind" remains the Solo Spice single with biggest sales in its first week, selling 181,000 copies. Altogether, "Out Of Your Mind" sold 376,000 copies in the UK, the 21st best seller of 2000.

Victoria Beckham2
Not Such An Innocent Girl -17/09/01

The first single to be released from the album "Victoria Beckham". After intense promotion lasting 6 weeks in the UK, the single reached #6, which was unexpected, as the single was expected to have gone to #2 behind Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". The single sold 36,000 copies in its first week - and about 75,000 altogether, the 163rd best seller of 2001. Maybe the single would have charted higher and effectively sold more if it hadn't been up against Kylie, as many young buyers with limited pockey money would have bought Kylie over Victoria in the initial first week

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Not Such An Innocent Girl DVD version - 17/09/01
Victoria Beckham 4

Victoria Beckham - 1/10/01

"Victoria Beckham" was Victoria Beckham's first album, released on 1st October 2001, and the first solo album to be self-titled from any of the Spice Girls. The album didn't include the hit "Out Of Your Mind", but spawned two singles, "Not Such An Innocent Girl" and "A Mind Of Its Own", which didn't sell too well - the album sold just 32,000 copies in the UK (16,000 in its first week), and became officially the biggest flop album ever - being the only Top 10 album ever to drop out of the Top 75 after 2 weeks and it was out of the Top 250 after 4 weeks, after the "Being Victoria Beckham" documentary in March 2002, the album re-entered the chart at #67 - but for only one week, the album never re-entered the Top 75 after that.

Victoria Beckham 5

A Mind Of Its Own - 11/02/02

"A Mind Of Its Own" was the second and seemingly last single to be released from the album "VB". This single wasn't as heavily promoted as "Not Such An Innocent Girl", and had quite a simple video - and was promoted with live performances, sometimes performed alongside "I.O.U". Released on 11th February 2002, the song entered the UK charts at #6, selling 27,000 copies in its first week - shockingly, the single was more successful than "Not Such An Innocent Girl" - it had 4 weeks inside the Top 40, compared to "Not Such An Innocent Girl" which had 3, and thanks to "Being Victoria Beckham", some sales were gained in its 4th week of sale. It is currently unknown as to what "A Mind Of Its Own" sold in total, but sales are probably around 60,000 copies.


Victoria Beckham is the last of the Spice Girls to embark on a solo music career. Her first solo-album "Victoria Beckham" which she worked on for 18 months was released on 10th January 2001. For a long time she stipulated that she had no plans to enter the solo music arena, but fortunately for us she changed her mind. For her first release outside the confines of the Spice Girls, Victoria joined UK underground group True Steppers working on the vocals for a dance song called "Out Of Your Mind". The track was played heavily on radio for three weeks before it was revealed that the vocals on the track were Victoria's! This worked well as industry pundits had already said it was a great track and weren't judging it for being ex-Spice material. On August 14th 2000 "Out Of Your Mind" was released as a UK single. It battled bitterly with Spiller's track "Groovejet(If This Ain't Love)" featuring lyrics by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. "Out of Your Mind" led all week, but was pipped to the post at the last minute by "Groovejet", "Out Of Your Mind" entered the singles chart at #2. The week of the single release Victoria worked exceptional hard promoting it, she carried out radio and television interviews, book signings and performances at 'Party in the Park' and Ibiza!

The first single launched from her self-titled album was 'Not Such an Innocent Girl", released on September 17th 2001. This went head to head with Kylie Mingoue's dance track "Can't Get You Out of My Head". Kylie reached number 1, whilst Victoria lanquished at number 6! The 12 track album was released on October 1st 2001 , getting to #10 in the first week. Victoria's 2nd single and probably last from this album released on 11th February 2002 was "A Mind of its Own." The video was much simpler that the previous one and promotion was a lot lighter, with a few live performances, sometimes performed alongside "I.O.U". The song entered the UK charts at number 6, selling 27,000 copies in its first week - surprisingly, the single was more successful than "Not Such An Innocent Girl", having 4 weeks inside the Top 40, compared to "Not Such An Innocent Girl" with 3, and thanks to the "Being Victoria Beckham" documentary, some further sales were gained in its 4th week of sale. The final sales figure for "A Mind of Its Own" are currently unknown, but are probably around 60,000 copies.



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